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Introduction to AI: Module 1



Full course description

Course Description

Artificial Intelligence isn't just around the corner; it’s already becoming a part of our reality in the classroom and in our daily lives. In this course, educators from all backgrounds, disciplines, and grade levels will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms impact our daily lives. As learners navigate this course through the lens of an avatar interacting with modern technologies, they will explore and evaluate the ethical implications of these technologies and how they shape our world.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Describe artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, including futurist predictions.
  • Identify where artificial intelligence is found in everyday life, college, and career.
  • Evaluate artificially intelligent technologies through an ethical lens to mitigate bias.
  • Demonstrate use of AI applications across each of the five big ideas: Sensors and Perception, Representation and Reasoning, Data and Machine Learning, Natural Interaction, and integrated Ethics.
  • Provide resources and AI content that can be used in the classroom to meet the new NC CS/AI standards.
  • Support teachers to navigate classroom interactions with students who may have more familiarity with coding.
  • Integrate CS/AI into existing core courses with example tools and lesson plans.

Target Audience: K-12 Educators

Course Instructor

Charlotte Dungan

Charlotte Dungan

AI Program Architect

Charlotte Dungan joined NCSSM as an Instructor of Computer Science in January 2018 and is now the AI Program Architect in the Ryden Program for Innovation and Leadership in Artificial Intelligence at NCSSM. Charlotte was a computer programmer for 10 years, primarily working with data, reporting, payment systems, and web development. She received an education degree from Antioch University with concentrations in K-12 English and history alongside her programming work and began teaching in a variety of contexts, including alternative schools, twice exceptional children, creating and running a Tinkering Camp in Apex, and working for the Museum of Life and Science. Additionally, she has been running a successful educational consulting company with STEM classes as a primary focus, including the creation of a multi-site educational nonprofit that served students from Pre K-12 in a wide variety of school subjects along with parent education classes. Charlotte has a master's degree in education from Harvard University where she conducted research with computer science educators and worked closely with Scratch Education to develop teacher support materials. She currently volunteers with Kidzu Children's Museum on their inspirational "Dream Team."

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